Sprout Senior Care System

IoT + AI: Improving senior lives. Making senior care easier.


Why do we need Sprout when we already have a live-in helper?

“My grandmother has dementia and has difficulty walking, so we hired a live-in helper. One early morning, our helper found my grandmother on the floor next to her bed. She had gotten up in the middle of the night, had fallen and could not get up.” After this accident, Smart X Lab founder Max Yeh decided to combine the latest technologies in the internet of things and artificial intelligence, to make senior lives more safe, their families more assured, and caring for them more efficient.


Emergency? Be notified right away.

On average each carer spends 13.6 hours each day, for 9.9 years looking after a senior. Sprout uses IoT and AI to identify emergency situations. It does not need to rest, nor play with a phone.

Sprout uses infrared sensors to identify whether behavior patterns are normal, panic button and positioning system to identify the location of emergency, smoke detector to detect whether the stove has been left on, door sensor to detect whether a senior with dementia has absconded.

As soon as abnormal situation is detected, the system notifies caregivers via LINE instant messenging.

Seniors want dignity over coddling.

To age gracefully, seniors would need independence in their own lives. Sprout works quietly in the background, and only notifies caregiver in cases of emergency. In the home environment, Sprout enables seniors to live independently, without causing burden on their family. Sorout could delay the need to hire a helper, or move into a care institute.

In a care institution, with Sprout, caregivers do not need to be constantly on attention. Sprout enables the workforce to focus on their profession, and saves the instution on human resources.


“Grandmother becomes internet celebrity via leaked video!”

Can you imagine your family members becoming internet celebrities due to a leaked video? No one likes to be under video surveillance, especially not seniors who would rather enjoy a peacefully lifestyle. Sprout does not rely on cameras to ensure senior safety.

Stanford graduate quits lucrative job to start the senior care company

Sprout founder Max Yeh received an MBA from Stanford University and worked in the Silicon Valley in the US. In 2014, upon a trip to Taiwan, he realized that his grandparents are aging quickly. So he decided to start Smart X Lab, which delivers the Sprout as a service. Working with Institute for Information Industry, National Taiwan University, National Taiwan University of Technology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare Feng Yuan Hospital, and Yonghe Cardinal Tien Hospital, a complete senior care system is developed.

“The purpose of technology is not just to give us convenience. It should be able to secure safety to the seniors, to enable them to enjoy a safe, independent, and graceful retirement,” expressed Max Yeh.


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