Home Safety Net

Wireless Panic Button

“Help, I have fallen! It hurts. I can't get up!”" This is a nightmare for many seniors. If there is an emergency, do you wish to know right away? Sprout wireless panic buttons lets seniors to call for help right away, and notifies caregiveres via instant messaging.

Mobile Node
Mobile Node

Infrared Motion Sensor

No one likes to be watched by a camera. We all deserve privacy in our own space. Sprout does not rely on cameras and videos, but infrared sensors to detect movement in the rooms. We use this data to learn senior activities, and to infer their location within the house. Artificial intelligence can notify caregives when it detect abnormal activities, such as when a senior is feeling unwell and got up late, or have fallen in the toilet in the middle of night.

Door Sensor

If your family member at home suffers from dementia, finding a balance between respecting their independence and ensuring their safety is a difficult task. Door sensor can detect if a senior with dementia has left the house unexpectly. If this happens, caregivers can be notified immediately. They can locate wandering seniors before too late.

Mobile Node
Mobile Node

Smoke Detector

“Oh no, I am nore sure if I turned off the gas on the stove.” Anyone can be forgetful. Smoke detector can notify caregivers before something tragic happens. The smoke detector itself can also loudly announce emergency to the members in the house hold.

Sensor Gateway

Sprout home system uses mature and safe wireless standard Zigbee. Sensor connect wirelessly to the gateway, which communicates with our cloud based system, which sends notifications and real time messages through instant messaging to the caregivers and family members.