Institution Safety Net

Mobile Node

Infrared Motion Sensor

No one likes to be watched by a camera. We all deserve privacy in our own space. Sprout does not rely on cameras and videos, but infrared sensors to detect movement in the rooms. We use this data to learn senior activities, and to infer their location within the house. Artificial intelligence can notify caregives when it detect abnormal activities, such as when a senior is feeling unwell and got up late, or have fallen in the toilet in the middle of night.

Indoor positioning panic button

Using Sprout indoor tracking panic button to quickly locate seniors who require help. When there is an emergency, every second counts. Being able to pin-point the location of someone who needs hep is tremendously valuable.

Seniors can also use the panic button to call for help. It could prevent falls.

For seniors with dementia, the indoor positioning features can be used to locate seniors at any time. A virtual geo-fence can also be customized to prevent absconding.

Mobile Node
Bed Departure Sensor

Bed Sensor Mat

For frail seniors, falls most likely happen when seniors try to get out of bed. For caregivers, if they know when a senior is trying to get out of bed, they can provide help right away. Sprout bed sensors can be placed either on the bed or next to the bed. The sensor mat is water-proof, soft, and thin. It is the especially suitable for seniors who suffer from night wandering. As soon as bed absconding is detected, the sensor wirelessly transmits the signal to the cloud for analytics and notification.

X-Mesh™ Wireless Mesh Network

X-Mesh™ for institutional safety net is not like traditional star-shaped wireless networks. Mesh networks enable devices to connect to each other. It allows much faster deployments. Devices just need to connect to power, and could easily connect to each other. Wiring is not necessarily in most cases, and deployment would only take one day.

Bed Departure Sensor