Vital Signs and Case Management System

Vital Signs System

No complicated operations, no increase in workload. Instant cloud upload of monitoring data. Sprout replaces reams of paper records. With the press of a few buttons, seniors' health record could be entered. A complete health database can be established to improve care.

Blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen concentration, body weight, body temperature (ear or forehead) can wirelessly send data to a video conferencing gateway that is easy to install on most televisions.


Mobile Node
Blood Pressure

Case Management System

Sprout includes a complete nursing evaluation form. It could assist in case management and long term tracking. It includes the following perspectives: health, cognition, metabolism, excretion, excercise, sleep, self actualization, sexual, stress, religion, and nursing.

Sensor and case management records can all be exported as reports and visualized as charts (whereever applicable).

Blood Pressure
Blood Pressure